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Most people who get HSV-1 Oral Herpes viruses AKA cold sores, get them as children from social kisses from family members. Aunt Edith or Grandpa Mike didn’t even think about this when she or he was kissing you happily on your cheek to greet you or say goodbye. You are much more likely to become infected by a person with an active sore on their mouth or face, but it is also possible to become infected with the herpes viruses by someone with no symptoms or sores present. Genital herpes may also be contracted via oral sex from an oral herpes infected person.
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Since around 80 % of people with this Herpes viruses never showed a symptom they can be unknowingly infecting others. Having vaginal or anal sex with someone when a sore is present can cause infection. Even using a condom while there is a sore does not insure protection because as the virus replicates it sheds cells. Some people may have an outbreak that is just red patches of sore skin.

How do I keep my uninfected partner safe from herpes viruses?

Definitely have no sex while there is a lesion present or if you have a forewarning of a breakout, tingling or pain. Waiting until the lesion heals completely is the safest bet.

What if you are already infected with the herpes viruses?

. Eating foods high in Lysine could be a first step to controlling the viral infection naturally.

Some of these foods are yogurt, cheese, salmon, beets, tuna, cod, avocado, mango, pear, brewers yeast, and more. The Amino Acid L-Lysine is also available in a pill form

In the vitamin section.

Staying away from foods with high levels of the Amino Acid Arginine like nuts, gelatin, brown rice, chocolate, oats, and lentils may lessen your number of outbreaks of the herpes viruses. Also avoid foods that can lower your immune system like fatty and sugary foods, alcoholic drinks and any foods which you are allergic to. More Lysine and less Arginine is better but focus on getting more Lysine first.

Zinc and vitamin C will help keep your skin healthy to heal faster and maybe prevent it from being susceptible to an outbreak. There are definitely lots of claims of natural remedies and since there is no cure at this time as long as they are safe like a vitamin or herbal mixture I never felt it could hurt to try. Some things with natural anti-viral properties are: Coconut Oil, Green Tea, Ginger, Garlic, Echinacea, Olive Leaf Extract, and Probiotics. Always be sure to do your research if you have any other health conditions or take other prescription medications, or are under the care of a physician. For example if you take blood thinners you must not consume large quantities of garlic because it acts as a natural blood thinner. Taking both the medication blood thinner and too much garlic could kill you.

There are some warning signs of an impending outbreak of the herpes viruses so if you were going to try a supplement to lessen the duration it gives you a heads up.

A HSV-2 herpes viruses genital or buttock area outbreak could be forewarned with aching pain in a leg or upper thigh, this could start 1 to 2 days prior. Any tingling or itching sensation in your outbreak prone areas is a probable sign one is coming. The amino acids in L Lysine has been used by some people to shorten the duration or even prevent outbreaks.

When you are first exposed to HSV-2 Herpes viruses it can lie dormant in your nerves

at the base of your spine. HSV-1 virus lies in the ganglia behind the ear. You may never have a breakout or it may wait to come out at a very stressful time. Normally the first several outbreaks are really bad (5 or 6 lesions at once) to extremely severe (20 or more lesions at once). These outbreaks can last for 3 to 4 weeks before healing. Lesions do not usually cause scarring. Some people never even know they had an outbreak because they may have one lesion similar to razor bumps or a paper cut.  If you are the unfortunate person to have monthly outbreaks you can see the Dr. to get a prescription for an anti viral taken by mouth. As time goes on, the longer you have had either type of herpes, the outbreaks become fewer for most people.

How do I tell a partner?

Too bad the stigma of genital herpes is so devastating to the infected, even though oral herpes is still herpes but they are called “cold sores” making them less noxious sounding.

Having to tell a new partner that cares about you that you have genital herpes is almost the worst feeling in the world and the reaction is usually a wonderful surprise. Most partners are understanding and supportive.  Someone who knows you and cares about you will not be judging you as “dirty or disgusting” If that person does reject you for it, it was probably for the best to find that out about that person early on. It is best not to wait until the relationship is very serious to have the discussion and on the other hand you don’t want to tell the person on the first date.

Genital herpes common, Having to tell anyone about your herpes will also make you more thoughtful of your choices. Having a partner and not telling them is not fair to them and if they were to find out or worse yet contract the virus, that is way worse than the difficulty in just putting it up front to begin with. Relationships go through much tougher things than an occasional herpes breakout.

Care still needs to be taken as much as possible because even condoms or abstaining during an outbreak doesn’t protect the other person because of viral shedding cells that can be around several days prior to a warning symptom. Having a “cold sore” or HSV-1 herpes viruses can give someone else genital herpes via oral sex.

Women may also get lesions up inside the vagina and be contagious without realizing they have an active outbreak. I have heard of an uninfected male partner spraying his genitals with hydrogen peroxide 3% after every possible exposure.

I have used 3% peroxide on outbreaks before or even as a compress on a very bad lesion, I personally felt it helped heal it faster. Viruses do not thrive well in oxygen rich environments. There are also a lot of drug companies working on better medications and they may eventually find a cure or at least something to keep you from ever breaking out again. Up to 80% of people with HSV-2 herpes viruses never show any symptoms which is how it is unknowingly passed along sometimes. Always seek a doctor for treatment and advice. Helpful link

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